Sasson Dock Art Festival – An initiative by St+Art India Foundation 

St+Art India Foundation announced the art festival to revive the lost space – Sasson Dock. A place which is a mean of earning  for Mumbai’s fishing community.

No I’m not a great fan of Art yes I like to watch plays, hear music, watch commercial movies. But the kind of Art that is being presented at Sasson Dock is more like a Gallery to be seen Art.

The idea was suggested by my dear husband, was shocked at first because even he is not an ardent fan of such events. Had seen pictures of the project on Instagram by various bloggers of the city.

Post the visit I can really say great initiative by St+Art India Foundation, which has transformed the dock which smells of fish and normal working place of the fishing tribe to an Art Gallery.

The Murals are really great work which depict everyday life of the Mumbai fishing community, their strong connection with the Boat which is a medium for them while on their mission to catch fishes 😉 Also it depicts the culture of Aamchi Mumbai.

There were 2 installations which really touched me, 1 – a room full of all the garbage that is thrown in the ocean that’s what we have done to mother nature. We are a fast developing city but with no thoughts and respect to mother nature who has given so much to its dwellers.

The other art form was a room full of letters and an installation created by the net which is used by fisherman. Those letters and the words echoed and really hit hard. There was also an installation of the things required in a daily routine by the Fishing community.

Ooh and there is 1 dark room where a natural projector is created and an upside down image of the outside (dock) can be seen. The moving image of the sea and people really can take your breathe away.

Would surely recommend fellow Mumbaikars to pay at least half an hour visit to this place, and see for themselves how a normal daily routine life at a Dock is transformed to an Art Gallery.

The artist covered Are Indian + International – Yok & Sheryo, Akash Raj Halankar, Faizan Khatri to name a few.

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